Features of the Tyre Recycling Plant for Sale

Today, more and more people are getting conscious about the environment. Even businesses are looking for environmental friendly projects to contribute something towards a green planet. If you happen to be among these business owners, consider investing in the tyre recycling plant for sale. Instead of disposing off used tyres, you can use them for the betterment of the society with the tyre recycling machine.

It’s a machine that aims at reusing tyres and other rubber wastes. The equipment is also called tyre powder machine. It’s able to crush used tyres lying around into powder or granules of rubber. You can reprocess these granules and powder to make new products such as rubber soles, carpet, rubber mat, and other items.

Tyre Recycling Plant for Sale

Tyre Recycling Plant for Sale

Process of tyre recycling

The tyre recycling plant makes use of the latest recycling process to turn waste into wealth. During the process, the waste tyres are fed into the recycling plant through a feeder system. In order to convert waste rubber into useful products, the waste tyres are first dried because wet materials are difficult to reprocess.

After drying, the raw materials are passed through a heated furnace. At a very high temperature, waste tyres get reprocessed and disintegrate into useful materials that can be used for making new rubber products.

Products obtained from tyre recycling

The pyrolysis system discharges combustible gas, carbon black, and tyre oil as final products. Each of these items has its usage in a number of sectors. Although end products resulting from waste, these materials are high in demand and fetch high value.

For example, tyre oil can be used as a fuel in a number of industries such as boiler factory, cement plant, and others. It’s additionally used to run tractors and other vehicles.

Carbon black can be used for making carbon blocks used in various construction projects. Combustible gas, on the flip side, is used as a fuel in industrial and domestic environments.

pyrolysis system

Pyrolysis system

Features of the tyre recycling plant

The recycling equipment presents a plethora of benefits to any user. It comes with the most striking features. Following are some of the popular features and benefits.

Higher output

When it comes to commercializing waste recycling, output matters most. You ought to have a higher output ratio in order to book bigger profits. This is where the tyre recycling equipment turns out to be a winner. The machine has the capacity to process large scale wastes and dispense higher output in a short time period.

Automated system

Modern tyre recycling plants are highly automated systems. Whether it’s feeding of raw materials or operation, everything is carried out in an automated manner. This, in turn, renders better satiability, continuity, and safety to the overall production process.

Protects the environment

The recycling plant doesn’t give out any sort of elements that may harm the environment. The whole production process is carried out in a sealed structure. Also, any waste resulting from the production process is reused. By using harmful waste as raw materials, the plant actually helps you to protect the environment.

Low investment

Most of the recycling plants are tagged at a higher rate. The technology used, the heavy duty usage, and the sturdy built contributes to a higher price. The Kingtiger tyre recycling machinery, however, comes at a reasonable price. As a result, even businessmen with a tight budget are able to invest in this highly profitable venture.

Low maintenance

Maintenance and upkeep are common in any industrial setup. This is even more correct if the machine works continuously for 24 hours a day. However, the tyre recycling equipment warrants minimal maintenance. Without expending too much, you can keep the machine in good condition for years.

High returns

The equipment is designed to deliver quality output at a faster rate. Higher production results in low cost of production. Additionally, the machine uses cheap raw materials. All these things contribute to low cost and higher profitability.

Bottom line

The tyre recycling plant for sale is an amazing waste recycling machine. By installing this modestly-priced machine, you can start harvesting profits from waste while freeing up the environment from harmful elements. On account of these wonderful benefits, many smart businesses invest in this one of a kind plant to convert waste into wealth.